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Talking Business Cards are digital and virtual so we refer to them as Talking Vcards (V is for virtual). They are formated for mobile devices so everything fits perfectly.

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How Do You Share Your Talking Vcard?

Simply show your QR code and avoid any more lost or tossed business cards.

QR codes are awesome.

QR Code.

Each digital business card, Talking Vcard, has a unique QR code that we give to you. Save it to your phone's picture gallery.



Simply let others scan your QR code with their cell phone's camera, no special software required. You can also add your QR code to any marketing materials, websites and social media.


Easy, Peasy!

Your information gets displayed on their cell phone with the option to add you to their contact's list. Go ahead and try it, scan my QR code with your phone's camera and see how it displays. No speical software required.

A Few Questions!

It's the present-day business card solution for business people and entrepreneurs who want to maximize their message and present their BEST first impression! Designed specifically for mobile devices for more engagement from your target audience.

You get a state-of-the-art digital business card that includes all the business information you provide. You also get a QR code that makes sharing your digital business card extremely simple. 

You also get unlimited, lifetime changes to your digital business card.

Whatever price you pay upon initial purchase is the recurring annual cost and will never go up. 

It is necessary to charge a recurring cost to ensure we are able to continue lifetime changes and to host and maintain your talking business card on our hyper-fast cloud servers. Oh, and because you will receive lifetime additions as well. Many new features are on the way.

See the video either to the side of this message or below it (if you are on a mobile phone).

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The Card is also referred to as a Talking Vcard (V is for virtual).

Talking Vcard

$ 97 per year
  • This is an annual cost so it will renew one year from the date of purchase. 
  •     Unlimited, lifetime changes to your digital business card.
  •     We host your Vcard in the cloud on our blazing fast servers.
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Design and Delivery Process

The steps below explain the process. We're in it together until you're satisfied.



First, you need to purchase the Talking Business Card, also called the Talking Vcard (V is for virtual).



You need to provide the header graphic and your picture/logo that will appear at the top of your talking business card. You also need to provide any videos or other images and written content you want included in the Talking Vcard. Videos must be on YouTube or Vimeo, you simply give us the link and we'll do the rest. If you don't have a video then you can use our software (on our website) to record your video at no additional cost. We'll work with you to created YOUR perfect Vcard. After the purchase you'll be directed to a form where you can provide us the information we need. Just bookmark it or write it down until you are ready to submit it.



Once we have completed your Vcard (within 24 - 48 hours after we recieve all the content) we'll send it to you for approval and will work with you for any changes. Once you accept the final draft then we will give you the link and the QR code that matches.

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